Condition Sleds
Kick Butt!
"Just great old fashioned kick butt training!"

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The Ram Sled Company Proudly Presents

The Ram
3-4 man conditioning sled

Price $1100

(includes 2 harnesses)
Slideshow image
Slideshow image
The Bear
1-2 man conditioning sled

Price $800

(includes 1 harness)
The Turfboard
$40 each
Set of 5 for $180

Turfboard Maskill sled
Turfboard XL athletic conditioning sled The Turfboard XL
Higher hand position and a wider base (20")

Set of 4 for $200

(Sold 4 per set)
The Speed Sled
Price $160

(includes 1 harness)

The Harness
Price $80
Speed athletic conditioning sled
Indoor Push-Board Indoor Push-Board
Great for use on gym floors or wrestling mats

Set of 5 for $250
The Wildcat
(1 man Push-Pull Sled)

Price $180 (Outdoor) or $210 (Indoor)

(includes 1 harness)
Wildcat athletic conditioning sled Wildcat athletic conditioning sled

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