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What the Coaches Have to Say

Chip Morton - Pro Football Strength & Conditioning Coach
Cincinnati, Ohio
Kenneth White - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Providence College
"Over the years this rugged, wooden sled has proven itself to be a superior tool for developing strength, power and endurance. It will help you build your athletes’ stamina and build your team." "We play in the toughest conference in the country – and I need the toughest equipment out there. The Ram Sled is just that – hands down the best sled I have seen."
Ken Mannie - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Michigan State University
Allan Johnson - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Ohio State University
"This is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I've seen for developing strength, power and overall conditioning. In addition, I really like the toughness aspect associated with them. No gimmick, no bells and whistles....Just great old fashioned kick butt training! Our players have given them the moniker 'Woodshed sleds' "The Ram Sled has been a vital part of our training program here at Ohio State University. We have seen a tremendous improvement in the leg drive and hip explosion through the use of the Ram Sled. No program should be without them."
Ethan Reeves - Conditioning Coach
Wake Forest University
Mickey Marotti - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Ohio State (formerly Head S & C Coach at University of Florida)
"The strength and conditioning staff at Wake Forest University are huge believers in the value of the wooden sleds. We use them in many of our sports. I feel they are a great bridge between the weight room and the playing fields." "This sled has been a great addition to our strength and conditioning program at the University of Florida. We use these primarily in the off-season and during the summer. These provide us with the variety and specificity that we need. I would recommend them to all programs."

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